French Gay Men

European men know sexy swimwear and these designs are super hot. Penis shaped pouches are some of the wildest most erotic swimwear designs out there.

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French Gay Men

We love seeing French Men wearing bikinis, thongs and G-strings.

French men know how to have fun but French gay men really know how to have a good time!

We love you!

The main reason that I couldn’t wait to go to France was nothing to do with food or wine or culture, and everything to do with swimwear. You see, I’ve always enjoyed wearing micro swimwear. If you’re not sure what that is – it’s any kind of swimwear that shows as much of your body as possible, usually without flashing anything really dirty at anyone. Well sometimes without flashing people, because some of the pieces that I have at home basically leave nothing to the imagination. The trouble is, though, that I can’t actually wear them. I don’t live close to any gay beaches, and the only beaches that I can actually get to have all these stupid public indecency laws that mean that I can’t just strip down to my favorite piece of micro swimwear without getting arrested for it. Sure I can wear some of them, like a few of the thongs as long as there’s enough of the front of me covered and some of the bikini backed swimwear, but there are suits that I’ve bought that have never seen the light of day!

So, because you always hear all these stories about Europe and French gay men in particular getting everything out on the beach and nobody minding, I felt sure that I could wear my favorite swimwear without worrying about getting thrown off the beach! I heard that the bikini style top was first worn by French gay men on the beach, so the origin of one of the hottest styles of men’s swimwear must be a good place to experience the culture of French gay men and their choice in swimwear.

Admittedly, the first time that I saw my first French beach, I was kind of underwhelmed. Even in the heat of summer it didn’t look like people were wearing anything other than board shorts and the usual stuff that you see guys wearing on the beach. Where were all the French gay men that I had been promised, wearing skimpy swimwear? I awkwardly found a quiet corner of the beach and changed out of my clothes into the micro swimwear I had on underneath.

Maybe I had been a bit over enthusiastic, because I was wearing the Ass Spark G-String, which was one of my newer purchases from Koala Swim. For anyone who doesn’t know what the beautiful designs at Koala Swim are like, the Ass Spark G-String is one of the kinkier pieces of swimwear. There’s a waist band which is basically a piece of string for all the skin it covers, and the whole thing is held in place by the front pouch. The secret of it is that you wear it with an all in one metal ass hook and cock ring, which the material hooks into. It doesn’t have a back, so while everyone else can stare at your ass and try to work out how it stays on for as long as they like, when you bend over you can show the world your sexy secret.

Obviously I can’t wear that kind of thing on normal US beaches! Anyway, while I still felt kind of uncomfortable stripping off to the G-String with everyone else watching and wearing normal stuff, nobody seemed to look surprised at what I was wearing, so after a little while I stretched out on my front and started to sunbathe.

It was about an hour later, when I had got drowsy and started to fall asleep, that I felt a hand on my ass. I knew that I got to the beach quite late, but I was surprised that when I opened my eyes the sun was going down, and it didn’t feel quite as warm. Around me were three French men, and I was pleased to see that they were all wearing thongs. If you’re wondering how I could tell that they were French gay men, it was fairly obvious from the way that they were looking me up and down. One of them still hadn’t taken his hand off my ass, but I wasn’t exactly keen to shake it off either.

So, are you wondering what happened next? I’m very pleased to tell you that I was absolutely right about gay men and their choice of swimwear. Everything that I had been told was true! Well… perhaps not quite everything, because I was led to believe that Europe is some sort of bikini hot spot. However, swimwear styles work just the same as any other kind of fashion – the micro swimwear is a style that has been adopted by many but not all French gay men. Fortunately not only did these guys spot me and invite me to join them, they also recognized what I was wearing.

There were five or six French gay men sunbathing in a group around the corner of the beach, in a quieter spot separate from the rest of the beach traffic. Obviously it was absolutely fine for them to wear some of the revealing designs that they had on, but I could see the reason that they had moved to a more secluded spot where prying eyes couldn’t see them. Most were wearing micro swimwear that I didn’t recognize, usually with a tiny pouch that only just covered their dick and balls and a thong back. There was one man though, a tall blonde with a great body, who was wearing a Smoker BJ G-String which I recognized instantly. It’s specifically designed to keep you hard with a system of cock rings, and the pouch covers your erection and balls so sticks straight out in front of you. I was wide eyed when I saw how hard he was, because there was obviously no way that he could have worn that on the main beach with everyone out there! It’s made out of sheer spandex, so in the fading sunlight I could just about see the outline of his cock through the material.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that that quiet corner of the public beach soon became my favorite hang out. I had no end of swimwear outfits that I wanted to wear in public, and I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get a great tan and to show off my body and the swimwear at the same time. I soon learnt that while the French gay men were very friendly to me, they were happy just to have my company near them and to watch me when I stripped off my clothes and they got to see my body displayed in each set of tiny swimwear that I brought down to the beach. Most of the guys were there for more than the sun, sand and sea, but it didn’t seem to be compulsory – they even seemed to appreciate the fact that I wanted to watch if they made out with each other. The blonde guy who was wearing the sheer micro swimwear from Koala Swim was being felt up by another of the guys, but once he’d finished and he noticed what I was wearing, he approached me to ask me more about what I was wearing.

I learnt that it was difficult for him to get things delivered from the U.S. even though he loved the designs, so I let him borrow some of my stuff. We were all watching as he brazenly changed into the micro swimwear in front of us and I think he loved all the attention that was lavished on him. It wasn’t long before I found that I couldn’t resist joining the French gay men in their extracurricular activities – it was too tempting to see them in their skimpy swimwear. It was even harder when they all shared out the Koala Swim outfits that I’d brought with me from America, and I couldn’t resist joining them. When I gave them the okay, the men were all over me like they’d been desperate to get their hands on me from the start and had been holding themselves back. We all jerked each other off until we reached climax, because we agreed that fucking on a public beach in the middle of the day wasn’t the cleverest idea!

Now, France is my holiday destination whenever I get the chance. I always make sure that I bring gifts to the French gay men of the latest micro swimwear designs because it’s easier for them then trying to order them, and I can’t wait for the time when summer rolls round again and it’s time to pack my skimpiest swimwear for France’s sunny beaches! Since my first visit, if anyone asks whether the stories about Europe and the micro swimwear styles are true, I just smile mysteriously and tell them to find out for themselves. All these stories you hear of every European man wearing tiny swimwear aren’t really true, but as I found out: you can find plenty of men who have a great taste in swimming outfits if you do a little searching!


Try French Gay Men Swimwear

There are quite a few spandex men in the world that would love to be able to head out to those well-known French nude beaches in something that really grabs people’s attention. That is why they should be shopping online at sites like Now, you might not be French, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to head out to the beach and get people’s attention, either. You should be able to have all eyes on you when you walk out onto any beach, and shopping on is definitely going to bring everyone's eyes to you.

There are plenty of swimwear designs on the market that you can choose from, so that you can enjoy your day out on the beach like never before. All you have to do is figure out how far you want to take your swimwear styles and just how much you are willing to show off. Now, you might not think that mens swimwear could be all that exciting if you haven’t been wearing items like this normally, but once you see what you can choose from on, you will never think of swimwear in the same way again.

This could, quite possibly, be one of the most exciting things you have ever done in your life. Of course, being like other French gay men might be a bit difficult if you aren't exactly French, but you can still have the fun that they would have while wearing this type of swimwear. You just have to accept the person you are on the inside and portray it on the outside so that everyone around you can see who you really are. That seems to be a fairly difficult thing to accomplish these days, but it shouldn’t mean that you stop trying.

You have to be willing to accept that men all over the world are having a lot more fun than you are at any given moment. Now, there are going to be a lot of gay guys getting upset with that statement. They feel that they are having just the right amount of fun living their lives, and being French or acting like they are French isn't going to change any of it. That may be true for most men, but wouldn’t it be nice to allow yourself to delve a little deeper into the role for a bit?

You have every right to be more like other French gay men out there and express yourself the way you want to. If wearing some really sexy swimwear from is going to allow you to accomplish that, then why wouldn’t you at least try something a bit different from what you are used to? You could be out there making all kinds of new friends with every step you take all because you chose to wear something that others might not feel comfortable wearing out in public.

Of course, if you are going to wear the more erotic versions of men's swimwear, then you are going to need to make sure that the beaches you go to will allow it. Nothing is worse than walking out onto a beach showing off your body in something sexy from and having the cops show up to give you a ticket for indecent exposure. Things like that happen more than you would imagine, and it's rather embarrassing for any guy to have something like that happen to them just because they want to show off their body and their new swimwear items.

Now if you think that being like other French gay men is going to be too difficult for you to do then think again. You don’t have to go out there and try to learn to speak French in a single day just to be like them. In fact you don’t even have to fake an accent in order to be more like them. All you have to do is accept that you are a happy go lucky individual that knows what he wants and wear something that shows these aspects to everyone else around you.

If you can show people that you are happy with whom you are by wearing your erotic swimwear in public, then everyone is naturally going to think you belong in that swimwear category. Everyone knows that French men are extremely good lovers and exceptionally romantic all the time. The gay men in France are even more like this and allowing people to see how romantic you are could be just the driving force you need to change your life and your luck around completely. Sure, it may sound a bit odd to you right now, but try it and see what it can do for you.

You shouldn’t, however, rush into being like spandex men out there. If you try to do too much too quickly, it will only backfire on you and cause more problems than it's actually worth. You have to take slow baby steps in order to work up to the levels that those guys over there in France are maintaining. You don’t want to get so far ahead of yourself that you completely lose sight of what you were hoping to attain in the first place, do you?

The first thing you are going to need to do is go to and find some swimwear that spandex freaks would actually like to wear. This is going to be one of the easiest things you have ever done. In fact, you will notice that all the swimwear on would be something that gay men from France would love to be wearing out on their beaches. All you have to do is figure out which ones are going to fit your needs the best and purchase them. You see how simple that first step can be to start the changes in your life?

Once you have found your French swimwear and ordered it, all you have to do is sit back and wait for it to show up in your mail. This won't take very long, either, and you will soon have your new swimwear sitting in front of you on your table. Once you have it in your hands, you need to try it on before taking it out in public. You don’t want to be wearing something new for the first time while you are out in public and have it malfunction or pinch something that it shouldn’t be pinching.

Take your new men's swimwear into the bathroom or your bedroom and try them on. Allow yourself enough time to feel how they fit and make whatever adjustments you need to make so that they become the epitome of comfort and sexiness. Walk around your home in them so that you can see how they are going to move with your body as you are walking. Don’t forget to sit down and even stretch in them in case you want to wear them other places as well as out to the beach for some fun in the sun.

There are a lot of men in the world that choose to wear their items every single day, even if it means wearing them to work under their clothing. Now, that is a bit difficult for a lot of men to wrap their heads around, especially if all you have ever worn are those old fashioned swimming trunks. If you have ever tried to wear trunks under your pants, then you know exactly how difficult that can be. This swimwear, however, is designed to be worn under your clothing while still remaining comfortable. knows that there are some gay men that will wear their items to work every day so that they can remain comfortable. By knowing this, they have created designs that will fit effortlessly under any type of pants you could possibly wear so that you feel like you are out on the beach every day of your life. That is something that other swimwear designers out there just haven’t been able to grasp these days. Think of how much stress you can get rid of during the day if you were always comfortable in your swimwear.

Now, there might be times in your life where wearing spandex men's swimwear might not be the optimal use of these items, but it doesn’t mean that you can't wear them every other day of the year. You need to understand that there are plenty of items on the market that will give you comfort, but only the swimwear from is going to match that level of comfort with quality materials and a very low price. Too bad other companies out there wouldn’t give you the same thing in life these days.

Once you have walked around your home and gotten used to your men's swimwear, you can then take them out for the day. You are already comfortable with wearing them, so now all you have to do is be comfortable with wearing them in front of other people. Most guys will try wearing them under their clothes at first so that they are wearing them in front of people even though those people have no idea they have them on. This will help build up your confidence if you have never worn items like this in public.

Now, it might not be a great idea to take your men's swimwear to work for the first time that you are going to be wearing them out in public under your clothing. You might want to start with a short trip to the store or something before doing anything that will require you to wear them all day long with no options of taking them off. Besides, the people you work with know you better than you might think, and if you walk into work differently, then they are all going to notice and think that something is wrong with you.

If you don’t want to explain that the reason you are walking differently is because of the French gay men swimwear you just purchased from, then taking them on a short trip in front of strangers would be the best option. Once you are used to wearing them and find that stride that you need to take in order to remain confident and comfortable, then you can take them to work with you and see how differently your day turns out. You just might be surprised at all the work you end up getting done on your first day with your new swimwear.

Even if you don’t notice any chances from wearing your men's swimwear from, others around you will. Your boss will more than likely notice that you are more efficient and getting your work done faster than ever before. By maintaining this confidence, you could end up seeing a promotion in your future. This doesn’t mean that just wearing these swimwear items from is going to give you the promotion and raise you have always wanted, but it will definitely help in giving you the confidence you need to maintain a healthy work ethic.

Now, wearing micro men's swimwear isn't all about your work ethic. These items are meant to be worn with the idea of having some fun, and that is something that you are going to need to focus on as well. But being able to get all of your work done early will allow you to spend more time on your days off having fun on the beach. You can see how your life will end up changing in a short period of time when you consider that you will get the chance to go out more often and show off your body and your swimwear. There are a lot of things in life that can change you for the better, but wearing French gay men swimwear is one that you will definitely need to try sometime.